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It is critical that you ensure the safe keeping of your business information, or data from intruders, hackers or malware. Our technicians always have the latest knowledge on the latest threats, remedies and prevention tactics, to minimize potential risks to your system.

With Itis, you can rest in the comfort that every measure will be taken to protect your electronic data, and with a similar rigor to the way you would protect your physical assets.

Four important components of computing security adopted by Itis include:

  • System Updates
  • Anti-Virus Software
  • Firewalls
  • Spyware Prevention

System Updates

The increase in system invasions is due to vulnerabilities in operating systems. The reality is that none are 100% safe, no matter which system is used.

Itis helps you manage this threat by always being informed about the latest patches and updates, which are an essential part of maintaining and minimizing risk to a healthy system.

Anti-Virus Software

Anti-Virus software is critical in keeping your computer protected. Your system can become infected through email attachments, free content downloaded from the internet or through a disk shared between two computers, sometimes without you even noticing.

The managers at Itis will keep your systems current with the latest virus security downloads and in the event of infection, we will work to quickly and effectively identify the virus, clean out your system and protect it from future infection.


Without Firewalls and Internet security software, intrusion can occur any time your computers are connected to the Internet. The need for Firewall security is especially true for high-speed internet connections used routinely in business, as the network address used to connect remains the same each time; leaving your computers available to hackers.

After looking at your business requirements and the number of users within your network, our IT managers will choose the most appropriate firewall to meet your needs.


Spyware gathers information about a person or organization and their Internet habits, without their knowledge through a tracking program that is discreetly put into a person’s computer without the user’s permission.

Sypware is becoming an increasing problem for businesses that are often invaded through employees using the internet during work hours.




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