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Computing systems are often confusing to people, despite being an essential part in a smoothly run business. At ITIS, we specialize in Information Systems Management.

This involves keeping your information/data accessible, secure, stored, backed up and connected. We offer tailored solutions and advice including the best combination of technologies and support for your company.

Established in 2000, ITIS has provided IT Management and Solutions to small, medium and large businesses across the East Coast of Australia with a strong presences in New South Wales.

Our team includes Senior Technicians who are responsive, and have experience supporting the needs of small to large companies.

We strive to employ brilliant and efficient technicians whose service is reliable and friendly. At ITIS, we strongly value honesty and loyalty, this makes for an efficient, happy and productive work place. Traditional values are paramount such as excellent customer service. We truly appreciate and value the importance of strong enduring client relationships.




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