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ITIS will design, supply, install, repair and provide a support system to ensure a prompt, efficient and effective service.

By engaging in a pro-active partnership with you or your company, we will strive to enable your equipment to function at its optimum, regardless of the challenges placed on us.

The Services ITIS offers ranges from:

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  • Full range of IT Support
  • Networking implementation and Security
  • IT Upgrades, Maintenance and Repairs
  • Data Security and Backup
  • Specialised Laptop Repairs
  • Printers, Faxes and Hardware Repairs
  • Huge range of express delivered products

Our Service To You

Our role is to provide our Clients with a leading edge in the IT world. Once you engage the services of ITIS, you will find that our knowledge, advice and experience are unsurpassed. These qualities will maximise the efficiency of your company.

Relationship With Clients


Our Services Include:

ITIS does not engage in restrictive contracts. We charge a moderate hourly rate based on the hours of work we perform. If you require our services in larger capacity, we can negotiate our fees accordingly. To ensure the smooth running of your system, we also arrange regular visits for preventative maintenance. 

ITIS is always able to provide reliable protection of all IT Resources through regular maintenance of computer systems. This has helped us forge strong relationships with our Clients. We provide a cost effective IT Management Program which is competitive, and at the cutting edge of technological change.

Creating a User-Friendly Program

Information is at the core of your company. Without the ability to access it, distribute it and protect it, your company would come to a stand still.

Part of the premium services provided by ITIS, is that we allow a full system analysis, identifying the right technology for your company needs.

Our IT managers are superior in their ability to help you attain your business goals through smooth running and competent system design, installation, support and management. We help you save time, alleviate frustration and make more money.




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